I did not realise today would give me such a beautiful gift …… My autistic grandson is 8 today and he really is the most gorgeous little boy. He doesn’t speak much and often will just repeat no ……

I rang up to wish him happy birthday and to tell him I will see him later with his cake and presents…..then out of the blue he tells me about his avengers and SpongeBob presents….I have never wanted to keep someone on the phone so desperately in all my life.

The call lasted 4 minutes but it has to be the biggest leap forward for my grandson in many years, and I am so proud of his achievements in having a 4 minute chat with his besotted nana. He is a truly remarkable little boy…..and it is the best present I could ever receive.

So…..taking the rest of the day off and getting my daughter’s home ready for a party…and happy birthday my darling Jacob.