His Majesty King Abdullah of Jordan has issued a statement that ISIS are on the rise in the middle east, particularly in South East Syria and Western Iraq…both areas that have been completed brutalised by war, and are in chaos.

His Majesty is concerned about the rise of ISIS especially as there seems to be no end of nutters who want to take up the cause of the most evil of people and ideologies, and I would not be surprised if they tried to take Jordan…which they must never be allowed to do as His Majesty has been and will always be a steadfast friend of this country, and we must protect him and his country at all costs, because if we lose Jordan then we have lost a friend and quite possibly the only sane person in the Middle East.

I have never hid my admiration of King Abdullah especially as he went to war against ISIS for the horrible burning in a cage of Jordanian pilot Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh. His death was an awful lesson to us as to why the monstrosity that is ISIS must be eradicated and the fighters executed where possible as you cannot strike any diplomatic deal with men who will kill, rape, terrorise and take their steps outside of humanity…they need to be put down as the rabid animals they are.

He makes the observation that several thousand ISIS monsters have left Syria and headed to Libya. This is the closest to Europe for the murdering gangsters and we can all presume they are planning to commit terrorist acts and murder the most innocent of people and we must cut the head off the snake before it starts.

His Majesty is hoping to set the tone for the next few months with the tensions rising in the Middle East and avert a war between Iran and the USA as well as the situation regarding the Kurds and Turkey, as all ISIS need to succeed is for there to be a war and if there is then they will thrive and the world will once again be subjected to their crimes against humanity…cut off the war and they will be driven out and he is wise enough to start the process now, and he has the will power to keep on that track.

His Majesty has questioned the need for the deployment of Turkish troops in Libya, but we know it is because Erdogan wants to destabilise the Middle East first and then conquer it like the rebirth of the Ottoman empire, and with a madman like him in charge hundreds of thousands of deaths is not something to even lose sleep over, as to all murderers their deaths are irrelevant. The world is going completely mad and those who are psychopaths are taking over in the Middle East. Thank god for the lone voice of reason and we should listen to him.

The issue within the Middle East can only be resolved by someone who lives there, understand the politics, the ideology as well as the religion, and maybe just maybe instead of all the blustering and hot air we should ask King Abdullah to get involved and take the lead. After all no one could accuse him of not being anything else but neutral especially as his small country has taken in 1.3 million refugees regardless of their original country.