Watching GMB I have to say I actually agree and disagree with some comments made by Piers Morgan which is rare…very rare.

Ayesha Hazairka (labour adviser) has stated that The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are victims of racism yet she could not name any incidents where this has occurred, and they have infact been given every perk, respect and luxury that William has had. After all, if there was any form of racism within the Royal Family then Harry would not have been allowed to marry her simple as that, and we hoped he had found his happy ever after especially as all we ever remember is that 11 year old boy having to walk behind his mothers coffin. He deserved happiness….so what has gone wrong?

The country fell in love with her mother and the quiet dignity with which she carried herself when sitting alone at the wedding…is that racism? People turned out to welcome the Sussex’s to their home towns with enthusiasm and the country was delighted that Harry had finally found someone and wanted it to succeed but sadly it hasn’t . I deplore racism in any form but it does not help anybody suffering from it for real when it is used so easily to just close down an argument, especially when it never existed in the first place….. it is similar to the boy who cried wolf once too often.

I do however disagree with Piers and think that Prince Harry is suffering from something and maybe taking a break for a while is what is needed otherwise he will never be back to the delightful man the country had taken into their heart, and he will remain the sulky dour individual he has become in the last 20 months, and part of me thinks he will seriously need his family in the not too distant future.

I would not like the job of trying to sort out the problems that will come from the Sussex fallout, but Her Majesty has had years of experience and she will know what is the right thing to do, after all she has been the one mainstay beacon of this country. I only hope that the Sussex’s see it for what it is help and the best option as the public are fickle and they have already irked people by their treatment of the Queen….and that desire to be financially independent maybe will fall flat on its face if they are seen to be too ungrateful as the Crown will always come first, second and last.