Justin Trudeau has today stated that he will use taxpayers money to pay towards the cost of protection for the Sussex’s. This is going to be at least £500,000 and there are fears that this could lead to a backlash in Canada.

I would be bloody livid if I was a Canadian taxpayer….I am a British one and I don’t want to give them one brass farthing, and surely there are more worthy causes to give that money too in Canada such as the homeless, children and veterans.

There are concerns that their continuing costs could damage the monarchy in Canada, and what needs to be asked is why should they get protection as they will be minor royals and should be treated as such. Considering other minor royals such as the York sisters don’t get one infact they had theirs withdrawn under orders of the Prince of Wales….but they are still grandchildren of the Queen and yes they might be further down the pecking order…but they are still HRH and as such if the Sussex’s have them….why cant the Yorks?

Harry is sliding further down the pecking order and surplus to the requirements and remember Andrew was once the spare and look at him now…and that will happen to Harry.

Give them what they want which is the opportunity to pay for themselves. Call them out on their desires as if not one penny of public money is spent on them, then we will let them be…but continually taking money means they are everything but and yes we will criticise them for every luxury spent with our money, as we are continually asked to pull our belts in…so it is a bit galling to watch what they do with money they have not earnt.

If Andrew I would have to ask…if they have stepped back and do not do any duties unless asked too…(just like the York sisters) then why do they get one and his girls don’t? Come on fair’s fair…either they all get it…or nobody does except those who are important…The Wales’s and the Cambridge’s as they are the future of the monarchy, and I know my answer….you want it….pay for it yourselves.