Pope Benedict XVI has defended the need for Priests to remain celibate and this is in direct contradiction to Pope Francis who is thinking of allowing Priests to marry (I do hope he upsets the old guard and allows it). Pope Benedict is a man born about 300 years too late and his thinking and ideology needs to be dismissed as out of touch with modern life and thinking.

I am all for Pope Francis and his idea as it is not right nor healthy to expect a grown man to remain celibate, after all we are all human and have needs and Priests are no different.

The bigger issue in the Catholic Church is the paedophiles that are being hidden from the law by the church and the rape and abuse of children that they seem to get away with, and of which the scandals and the pain never seem to end for the victims. After all how many of us would sooner see a Priest married and I don’t care whether it is a male or female as you cannot help who you fall in love with, but just seeing them content with life, love and religion and I bet you the paedophile scandals will become less and less as you will have men who have a life partner who will be seen and heard, and that is not what paedophiles want….and you have to ask yourself if those who are so against married priests really thinking of the Church?

I am not saying that all Catholic Priests are paedophiles…far from it as there are more good men doing Gods work then there are monsters, but the only way the Catholic Church can survive is to allow Priests to marry and if it goes against the catholic mantra of homosexuality and celibacy then so be it….after all who are they or we to tell someone who they can and cannot love? It is a natural, beautiful human emotion and everyone deserves that and if God turns against it then he is not God and they will have nothing to fear.

The Catholic Church needs to drag itself into the 21st Century and there are some excellent priests who really work hard for the community, and sadly they are the ones we never hear about…just the bad ones which is a real shame as you do get some who are deeply religious and want to do right by God and his fellow man……and others who just want to abuse the vulnerable.

You never know if they carry on the way they are going then they could go the whole hog and let women be priests and put an end to the sexist drivel they come out with…constantly.