For the first time I have deleted an active post concerning the ongoing debacle with the Sussex’s

It is not the criticism aimed at me as I have thick skin and have been insulted by HM finest RSMs and lived ..but what annoyed me was using the word racism to criticise me

I am not a racist, infact I am married to someone who is Jewish and in a minority group (and of which we have been subjected to the most vile anti semetism), 2 of my friends are Muslim who I went to school with many years ago….and whose children I adore. My local friend is Nigerian and she is a beautiful soul and I have been sort of adopted by the most wonderful Indian family, whose gorgeous son is 1 today ..and who I will be going to see this year.

My life is full of people who enrich it and to be told my comment is only fit for Facebook as the person has suffered enough racism was deeply offensive, as at no point did I mention colour. It seems being permanently offended is the new look.

I have every right to call out the Sussex’s for what they are doing, because I am a British taxpayer and would sooner it be spent on vulnerable people and not them. However if everytime a comment is made that never mentioned ethnicity is immediately jumped on shouting racism.. ..then how are we to hold people to account? Does that mean only a certain group are allowed to be criticised? Surely that is racism in itself?

When did we allow criticism of taxpayer funded people to be out of bounds? If permanently offended is continued then no one would be held responsible and politicians and very unsavoury characters will not be held to account, and of which I am in no doubt they would be delighted to be able to do.

What I will not defend is selfish behaviour that demands we pay with a never end date, because of wanting the grass is greener. After all how many of you think about a single man being given £55 a week to live on when trying to find a job? Do you buy homeless lunch? (I do). Donate to charities (15 for me) , make sure those who are struggling have shoes? I do on a regular basis. Infact I make a point of selling items and donating to worthy charities… regardless of who they help. Yet people are labelled as racist for calling out a spoilt duo?

I ask you…..before I am branded as such take time out to read my posts, as I will defend anyone regardless of the colour of their skin and their religion, and I have many times said that a person’s religion should never be sacrificed on the alter of the PC brigade….as I respect their faith and respect them as individuals who are making their own way in the world, but will always call out spoilt behaviour.