Today has been a rather poignant one for me. 15 years ago today my father Eric passed away. His nickname was Eric Bloodaxe….although he was only 5ft 4″ and a big softy.

As I gathered my thoughts at the Crematorium where he is scattered…I realised how quickly the time had gone, and asked myself would my dad recognise the world we now find ourselves in? Would he be just as vocal now as he was then??

Regardless of your age, we all hate the thought of our parents going and I am lucky as I am in my mid 50s and still have her majesty aka mum….but life is fleeting and we are here for but a moment in time, and I thought he would be here forever.

My dad would have loved the fact I have set up my own blogging site, and am thriving (would have to explain it to him), and he no doubt would have taken charge….., but how many of us would just love to spend time with our dads again to see what they think of us? To ask their advice and to just talk.

I will share one memory and hope you do the same…..

My father was not the tidiest of men, he wore khaki knee length shorts,(men of a certain age standard form), socks and sandals (no fashion police), and still wore his work shirts long after he retired..but the day I passed out of the WRAC….he turned up in a new blazer with his motto on (17/21st), long trousers, bulled shoes, shirt and unit tie….the pride on his face still stays with me today.

Miss you old man…miss your wise words and your laughter, and for telling me when I was wrong in your very supportive way.