Seems Harry wants to secure a tax payer funded payout to live in luxury, whilst trying to kid everyone they are independent.

She went into this marriage with these plans, and Hapless Harry has been caught in her web.

They should be made to leave, stripped of titles, all taxpayers money paid for her ridiculous 3rd wedding be paid back, and the cost of the house …as she and he were never going to keep their end of the bargain. Registering businesses last March shows the conniving Sussex’s had this planned all along …or rather she did. He is not intelligent enough to come up with it. She definitely dictates and ultimately he will suffer.

This is our money and I don’t want that black widow having a brass farthing of mine. The Crown’s property are the people’s otherwise they would have to pay death duties …and it is not open for negotiation. You walk out of a job you leave with nothing.

This will not end well for Harry as he will be surplus when she gets her “star” billing, as she has walked over a lot of people to get it … and will walk over a lot more.

As the papers say….they are fair game now as to treat Her Majesty with such callous disrespect is disgusting, and if they think press intrusion is bad now…watch this space …as they will photographed with the most repulsive of people….who have money.