It seems the Sussex’s want to do limited royal tours…well thanks but no thanks.

It will just be used to keep them in the press for themselves and not on behalf of her Majesty, nor the country and quite frankly I don’t want them representing anything.

When you quit you quit. Give up the house WE paid for, give up the money from daddy, pay for your own security and for once stand on your own feet Harry.

Let’s face it without his title he would have been stacking shelves in a supermarket, as somebody with a B in Art and D in geography would never have been an army officer, and no way would he have been considered for flying helicopters….but because of what he is it was handed to him on a plate.

A royal insider said they were given the wedding they wanted, the house they wanted, the tours they wanted, the money they wanted and that’s the problem….they are grown up brats.

Let them go minus the title and the Royal foundation and see how long the marriage works. I have a feeling this is in the greater scheming plan of things by the Duchess and Harry is going to end up alone.