My country is a very old country, a beautiful country, an experienced country, and a realistic country.

We went through a period when we seemed to have lost our way. And when nations lose their way it is frightening for everybody.

The sense of disillusion seeps into every nook and corner like a Dickensian fog.

Now, slowly, we are finding our way. It is true that the reports about Britain still reflect a serious situation, and they are right to do so. But a change is coming over us.

In every generation there comes a moment to choose, and for too long we’ve chosen the soft option. And it’s brought us pretty low. There are some signs now that our people are prepared to make the tough choice and to follow the harder road. We’re still the same people that have fought for freedom, and won, and the spirit of adventure, the inventiveness, the determination are still strands in our character. We may suffer from a British sickness now, but we have a British constitution and it’s still sound, and we have British hearts and a British will to win through.

I believe in Britain.

I believe in the British people.

I believe in our future.

1975 Sep 19 Fr, Margaret Thatcher.
Speech to the National Press Club.