The Sussex’s going going gone but we still pay ..

Didn’t take long for the Sussex’s to stop being working royals…instead they want to decide when they want to work and the rest of the time, they are swanning round like the celebrities she has always been desperate to be. Expect to see them at the Oscars expecting all cameras on her…….

We should not pay for anything for them. If they want to jog on and live in Canada do it on your money Harry, and good luck on that as she will cost you a fortune. Didn’t take her long to come and divide the family, and she has never been happy playing 2nd fiddle to the Duchess of Cambridge.

They now need to stripped of HRH and all their patronages as it just gives them an excuse to bill us…..the poor Queen ….she must be so fed up of her family, and what a disappointment as she has given a lifetime of service, and yet her grandson wimps out bleating how they are struggling…(god give me strength). I feel for the Queen, but she must realise as a taxpayer I do not want to pay for their bone idle lives, and no they should not represent this country at all. That will now explain why she never became a British citizen….shame on them.

The Sussex’s have patented 100 items in their name….we know what the financial independence is….. they are planning on selling cheap tat with a royal crest on, and they must not be allowed to do it, although I think she wears the trousers in their marriage, but cheapening the Royal Family must never be allowed to happen.

They have cost us a fortune £32 million wedding, £3 million for a house…. and they have never been grateful and it sticks in the throat just how ungrateful they are. They have had a house renovated for them, everything given to them and yet they struggle?? For god sake how about families who both work just to keep a roof over their head, or parents who can’t afford luxuries such as a trip out….. It really is disgusting how they have treated this country, the taxpayers, his family and most of all the Queen.

Maybe the firm are better off without those two whingers in it….and thank god it is William who will get the throne….and not his unacceptable brother.

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