The Government is stepping up its planning to evacuate both military and civilian personnel from Iraq and Iran.

The MOD has despatched some 20 military planner and liaison officers to its embassy, and I hope they include the SAS as they are needed. We all know that both Iraq and Iran will use every sneaky terrorist assault they can think of to hit us and we have to be prepared. It seems the offended are offended again.

As far as they are concerned their people can kill and terrorise Westerners but we are not expected to hit them back as that is deemed unsporting and unfair….they need to wake up and smell the coffee as any country will get rid of someone who they consider a threat to their citizens and their country.

Ways of evacuation need to be sorted and I hope for the sake of those that are stuck in the middle of this very unpleasant time, that they are already on their way out and we need to back up the USA and show that we cannot let any country get away with killing our citizens and our friends.

The prospect of war has moved a bit closer to the kick off now although it is in confusion but in reality the Middle East has been a tinder keg for some 20 years, and this happened under the watch of the Blair years as it allowed some seriously unpleasant people to gain a foothold when in reality Iraq was contained. There has to be a collective responsibility by both Blair, Campbell and Bush and maybe they should send them out to have discussions and to try and bring it back under the umbrella of peace.

We in the West and those in the Middle East will never be able to meet in the middle as we have spent years trying to bring the Middle East into the modern world, and in Iran and Iraq women at one time had the same rights as men, and you can view pictures of the 70s in Iran and up till the 90s in Iraq of women working and not having to cover up. Then, for whatever god forsaken reason Bush and Blair decided to invade…that was red rag to an already irate bull.

When Mrs Thatcher went in for Gulf 1, she quite rightly stopped at the border as we are not for regime change and she obeyed the law, and Saddam was contained but not now and the vacuum left the gate open for hardliners and for ISIS.

Maybe the best thing is to pull everyone out to Israel and offer them our full support both militarily and financially and let the rest of them fight it out. We know that UAE, the Saudis and Kuwait will stay out of it and maybe the issue needs to be resolved by someone who actually lives in the Middle East as I have no idea how they live, and neither do the majority of the people in the West….how can we?

All I know is that this will cause unrest, mass murder by terrorism and the upheaval of millions of people and we know what way they are coming…here, and I am under no illusion that in those refugees there will also be trained terrorists, After all if we just wave them in then they will come and innocent people will suffer.

The end result is that if Iran decides to hit us then we will have no choice but to back the allies and go in and nobody wants a war, as the children suffer the most and we really are becoming immune to the images of war because we have it so often. I know that it is a case of trying to discuss peace prospects with madmen but for the sake of the children we have to try, but not if our people are hit as like anyone who has suffered we will want retribution. I guess it is really is a case of being in the yes and no camp for and against war.

Yes for war if we are hit but no because of the suffering of children and the fact that it will cause a mass exodus and we are still struggling with the financial problems caused by the immigrants who keep coming.

I am of the conclusion though that man’s favourite sport is killing each other and do we really value life at so small a cost?