I am pleased to read that the Chancellor of the Exchequer Savid Javid wants to move some of the treasury ministers and senior civil servants north.

This is a brilliant idea as London no longer represents England. It is anything but and there is a continued growth in the North that can no longer be ignored.

Where I live it has gone from a small town with 4 streets and an open air fish market to having some of the largest companies on our doorstep, we have seen thousands and thousands of houses built and we are expanding at a very fast rate. Which by the way is good in some ways…but they seriously need to sort out the roads as sitting in traffic due to the roads not being ready is irritating.

Mr Javid has proposed to overhaul regional economic statistics such as wages and household incomes and expenditures as our needs is the same as that in London, and house prices are growing here. The aim of this is to target better spending in the areas…maybe they should look at the Warrington Council as they have not had their books signed off for 2 years and the head of the Council walked into a job with an energy company as a Director that our council paid millions into ….. to me that seems a bit naughty…and maybe the Chancellor needs to look into how these councils use our money, before they start to hand out government money to them as they seem to think it is their piggy bank rather than for our requirements.

The Chancellor is planning to reassess the value for money government investments such as transport, infrastructure and business development. He should start with the Arriva North Trains, the Transpenine trains as poor train services can affect the growth of a town, and the trains are really awful here….again get rid of the directors and start again.

Whatever he decides to do I know that by moving some of the government departments out of London can only prove profitable as the world does not revolve round London. Infact I cannot for the life of me even think why anyone would want to live and work there with the current levels of muggings and stabbings.

Hopefully we will start to see a bigger investment in the North of England and this can only be a good thing, especially as the Conservative party is now the party of the working class.