It seems the BBC have decided to ban those phrases which they say irritate people… show that they are in touch with current situations and criticisms.

Words such as “Of course”, “as we all know” and “we all presume that” and “and so forth”……

They still don’t get it do they?

The problem the Brexit Bias Company has is that their analysts have questioned whether or not people like me understood what I was voting for (funny how it seems only a remainer knows what they stood for, but anyone for Brexit was thick), and the way they sneered against the Conservatives and were so pro EU even to the point of trying to rubbish the PM and any other government minister/Tory MP/business person who was against the EU was galling. They could not give equal airtime with equal grace and real journalism at any point during the last 3 years.

It was the never ending lies and personal opinions from the BBC that has annoyed the people and because the BBC could not remain neutral they cannot be trusted with any form of news, and they really are a relic of the past that is not fit for purpose anymore.

It is about time the PM got on with what he threatened and get rid of the licence fee and make them work for their own money, as then the BBC will find out what their worth is and it will be a shock as they are not worth much these days.