Martin Hewitt, head of the National Police Chiefs Council has urged the government and ministers to start rethinking the police and its outdated system of 43 separate forces.

I fully agree that the police need overhauling but the issue is that you will have a police force run by one chief constable, with deputies who are answerable to that person only due to getting their post and who decide to take the police their way depending on their political allegiance. We have seen such disastrous results in the Met with the investigation in to Nick and even though so many honourable servants of this country were falsely accused…not one senior member of the police has been held responsible. This is wrong and needs to be looked into especially lying to get a warrant….that is unforgiveable.

Infact they have all been promoted from within…jobs for boys and this will be the case if we have one police service. It will be jobs for the boys and the police will not be held accountable.

Our faith in the police is at an all time low at the moment and so many police chiefs have admitted that over 80% of crime is not investigated. This is staggering and how do you fix it? Who will take up the post of Police Chief England?

We have one set of laws which makes it easier to deal with criminals and maybe the new 20,000 police officers will make a difference, but we do not have the right calibre of people at the top and the police will be politicised and this is never a good thing.

Certainly have one police force but it is the way it is put into effect that matters and those currently in charge of all the police forces must not be taken into account when the position becomes available. It needs to be put to a royal commission and then debated, voted and discussed to the nth degree by MPs and the public must be able to have an input as we are the ones at risk, but not one current chief must be in the running for the role as looking at the crime figures I have no faith in mine and it will only get worse.

It will not be an easy task but it cannot be run along the lines of the Met as they are not fit for purpose which is a shame for those police officers who put their lives on the line everyday in London, but it needs to be lanced from the top down.

I should imagine whoever takes on this poisoned chalice will need a thick skin and be totally politically neutral.