I will admit to being the biggest baby when it comes to flying and have avoided at all times the need to do so. Even going on holiday within distance of a car rather than take a plane (which beggars belief as I was left disabled by being hit in Leeds by a car). I have flown and hated it whereas Mr Points of Sue and my youngest son who is studying his Doctorate absolutely love it. My eldest son is like me….a wimp if not on the ground.

However, it is frightening that a new potentially lethal flaw has been uncovered on the Boeing 737 Max jet. Whilst scrutinising the structure engineers concluded that two bundles of wiring that control the tail are installed so close together that they could suffer a short circuit sending the plane out of control.

This is absolutely terrifying, especially as it has only gone to discussion with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to analyse and to see if they need to perform any change to the design…..duh!!! Course they need to change the design especially if there is a chance that it could go into free fall. This is people we are talking about…not profits.

It seems that this is just one of several faults as the two previous crashes in which 346 people died was not due to this, and you have to ask yourself how poorly designed and built are these planes as currently all I view are flying coffins.

The wiring may also affect the Boeing 737 NG of which there are 6800 in service and it is just so terrifying. Especially as a mother whose son is flying here and there and everywhere with his current role and he laughed when he knew I had logged his flight every step of the way last time he went to the states, (calls me his mum stalker) but he is my boy even if he is 6ft 2″ and I don’t want him in anything that is faulty.

As I say to Mr Points of Sue…we have the time lets get a boat.

Dismissing the Boeing Chief will not change the situation and we as customers should demand that these aircraft are working in perfect order. I know that there is a chance and you cannot factor in the “act of god”, but dear lord why should they allow people to get into an aircraft that they know could have a fault. It is not good enough and almost like letting people drive a car without any brakes….it is crazy.

It keeps getting better though as Boeing have admitted to the FAA that there is a manufacturing problem and that the planes engines are vulnerable to lightening strike, and the icing on the cake there is also an issue with the pilots training….they are really not selling the idea of getting on a Boeing.

Next time you are thinking of flying have a think and ask yourself….is the plane ok and are the pilots trained? I know that I will be as one of the most precious thing I have on the planet gets on air transport and I want him back safe and sound every time.