I for one am so looking forward to the 31st January 2020 where we finally start to cut our ties with the EU. What people forget is that we are cutting ties with the bureaucratic monster that is the EU and not with the people of Europe.

After all we will still want to import from all over Europe and hope that the people realise this, and that they put pressure on their out of touch political leaders to continue to work with us especially as they export more than we do to the EU, and if necessary get their countries to break ranks and start negotiating with us directly instead of through the likes of Verhofstadt whose hatred of our country he has never hidden….not very diplomatic eh Mr Verhofstadt….but if they start to trying to cripple us, I am sure the people of the UK will stop purchasing their goods until the likes of the farmers in France and Germany get a grip and topple their governments.

What we need to do is start negotiations with both the USA, the Commonwealth, the rest of the world and Europe at the same time so that we and them get the best deal. After all the Government owes it to us the people to get the best deal regardless of the country it comes from and the peoples in the EU need to realise this. To steal the quote from the President…”Britain first”.

It is going to be an exciting time and I for one am over the moon at the 1st start position we have now having taken it from the un-democratic EU who lets face it were trying to screw us over, and they were doing this to show any other country that it is not adviseable to leave….again…not very democratic nor diplomatic eh Mr Verhofstadt.

I hope that the hole we leave is responsible for the whole rotten anti democratic EU tumbling down.