I read with interest the article online by Peter Hitchens and in my humble opinion it is wrong.

It is not state murder.. .the actions taken by the USA but show that their citizens cannot be intimidated by any rogue state and they attacked first.

Soleimani was the right hand of a regime that has been responsible for terrorist attacks, the murder of USA citizens and funding terrorism in the shape of Al Qaeda and others.

The President is not Obama who gave them billions and took up their cause to get the bomb….which seriously needs looking into as that cannot be right. Giving a madman a nuclear bomb is crazy. He is also not Corbyn who will close his eyes and ears to the murder of its citizens, and who would no doubt blame the innocent to keep his mates happy….

No President Trump is exercising what is expected of him by the voters. Americans do not like being pushed around and threatened, and quite rightly so and countries, regimes need to know that there is a price to pay.

I know people will put forward the probability of increased terrorism, but that has never gone away….it just waited for its time to latch itself into any excuse to start killing …and they will.

We have to stand strong with the USA and Israel as yet again, any excuse to threaten Israel has reared its ugly head and we must have their back at all times.

War is coming but being united shows we are strong and with our friends at all times whether good or bad.