I think Iran will suffer for this in the long run, as other than rogue states such as Syria, North Korea etc…the world will of course support the USA if it comes to war. Russia will talk the talk, but they will keep out maybe not in the supplying of weapons but certainly in terms of boots on the ground military support.

There needs to be someone who pops their head above the parapet and begins talks. It needs to be someone who has no dealings with the USA nor Iran….and get them talking….although my own view is that won’t happen as you cannot open a dialect with a rogue state, and who in this day and age in the world of politics is not corrupted? We do not have a Nelson Mandela in our midsts…sadly.

This I feel is the start of another Middle East war and will ultimately allow the rise of ISIS again, as confusion is a terrorists best friend and Iran will see the enemy of my enemy is my friend….and a free reign, and the innocent will suffer on both sides.

It will not end well and I hope that the States has a plan in place to protect Israel.