We should be really worried about the type of men who are being let loose on the devout in a community as they are predators.

I am of course talking about priests and the Catholic church. They are marred in the disgusting habit of protecting and hiding paedophiles, quite often blaming the victims, and then we have this. I understand that there are some good ones, but how many times have we read about the bad ones?

A priest snorting cocaine through a £10 note whilst surrounded by Nazi collectables, and what does a man of God do next??? Yep a Nazi salute…..

I am of the opinion that the Catholic church has lost its way. We have Pope’s living in luxury with Armani shoes, Bishops referred to as Princes, the priceless items they have and won’t sell to feed the poor, and finally the power they have over the lowliest person is terrifying. No wonder they feel untouchable

The church has become a heaven for child rapists, abusers, drug addicts and it will continue to do so…..and this is so far removed from a poor man…a Jewish poor man who had no possessions, who preached love and kindness, there were no fancy churches for him but a hillside where he could reach as many as possible, and where he treasured children….he wouldn’t recognize the shameful religion of catholicism….but then he wouldn’t gain admission as it would end their lucrative business.