I read with amusement and head in hands sighing at the complaints regarding the Tower of London…..the usual moans of not expecting to wait in queue, wanting pictures with the Yeomen all the time (who by the way are busy), a pregnant woman expecting the same as disabled people….(pregnancy is not a disability but a wonderful state of being…and I am disabled who went through pregnancies)…

My all time groan was someone actually writing it was gory….. hello people it’s the Tower of London….a prison…a place of execution and all round place where you threw traitors in a time where life was valued at nothing…..

I despair. I have been to the Tower of London and loved it. The walking into history felt a privilege and it is the keeper of the changes in this country, and may I suggest if you have a slight squeamish reaction to a paper cut then read on the internet first before a visit. Me, the more colourful the better as I don’t want our past hidden as without history we are nothing.

Another solution to the snowflakes ..take your gran with you as she is probably as hard as nails….