I have been having a disagreement on LinkedIn with another member about democracy. It first started off because I was delighted Bercow didn’t get a peerage, to my being called a nasty Englander…..sticks and stones and all that….I have been called worse by an RSM and the difference is I had respect for my RSM…

What I wanted to make clear to him is that we are leaving the EU because it is against everything we stand for. My own thoughts are that I don’t mind the struggle we may face, but what I do mind is that my hard won freedom was slowly bring eroded, and handed to a faceless bureaucracy that did not care for individuality or a country’s customs and history.

My father fought in WW2 and I can remember the pain he felt at the loss of his friends, and even as a man in his 70s that pain was raw and I did not want that pain to be dismissed on a whim. Especially when we all know that the EU is a German pet project designed to benefit Germany most of all.

There are 19 countries in this club who take out more than they put in….now I am not an accountant but it is easy to see something will have to give and the way the EU has treated us with so much disrespect, you could bet your bottom dollar that debt would end up with us. Well no more.

The EU thought they could bully us into changing our minds as they did with Ireland and the Netherlands, but they forgot the one thing we are….we are British and we give into no one. Especially when democracy is on our side.

We have been lied to again and again by the unelected, unaccountable politicians in the EU….who like Verhofstadt were deselected by their own compatriots…yet he ends up in the EU……it is just a gravy train for politicians who do nothing else but take, take and take.

My argument with the gentleman will get nowhere as he is too far in and cannot see the woods or should I say democracy for the trees.

The EU will fall because other countries will see how we are thriving and they will want their country to thrive too.

You cannot subjugate people, you cannot deny them the very thing they need to survive and this they will find out.

As for my argument, well he will no doubt throw at me the usual scare headlines but how can you frighten someone who has gained what they always wanted…. democracy.