It seems that all the free promises and giveaways offered by Jeremy Corbyn were roundly dismissed by the lowest paid in Great Britain.

According to the Daily Express Corbyn and Labour were rejected and this gave Boris Johnson a massive 13 point lead and it shows that whilst they might be on a low pay they are definitely switched on when it comes to the magic money tree offered by Labour.

They were quite savvy when it came to the realisation that this money would have to be paid back as the government has no money its ours and there are far more of them than there are billionaires, and it seems that there was a consensus that the debt would eventually end up on their plate especially if and when the billionaires left if Corbyn got in.

There was also the fact that the average age of voters crossing from Labour to Conservatives is around 39 years of age. The issue is that those who are radical in their university days start to conform and they don’t want their precious pay being taken off them….after all we can all be radical when someone else is paying but when it is time to pay the piper then it is not for them.

The result is that the Conservative party is no longer associated with the WI, the blue rinse ladies and the elderly, but are more akin with the younger working generation, and when Boris does a great job and our economy grows I highly doubt that this group of people will ever go back to Labour because if you want a strong, stable growth and economic stability then vote Conservative and know you are in safe hands.