(Daily Telegraph) Pope Francis has abolished the “pontifical secret” used in clergy sexual abuse cases, after mounting criticism that the high degree of confidentiality has been used to protect paedophiles, silence victims and keep law enforcement from investigating crimes. In a new document, Francis decreed that information in abuse cases must be protected by church leaders to ensure its “security, integrity and confidentiality.” He said “pontifical secret” no longer applies to abuse-related accusations, trials and decisions under the Catholic Church’s canon law.

This is a start from the Pontiff but it does not go far enough. There is no room for paedophile priests in any walk of society and they must be stripped of their robes and handed to the police. Let justice deal with those who abuse children as they are not priests, not men of god and not tempted because of the devil. They are evil, child raping scum and they should if I had my way be dropped off a cliff but the law would say I was brutal …. but it will save the taxpayers and if there is to be a trial then it must done without the title of ‘Father’, as they are an insult to everything decent.

This is only taking the top layer off and there are layers and layers of deceit, perversion and child abusers that are still protected and for the catholic church to survive they must show that the children come first and must be the only concern of justice. There must be an end to moving priests around who have abused children and ensuring they escape justice, especially as staying in the Vatican and saying prayers is not punishment…I mean come on….hard labour is more suitable…or the cliff as my preference.

I like the Pope, I think he is a good man but he is up against evil networks within the church and he needs to drag it into the 21st century, and realise that unless they do then the church will be finished.