Sally-Ann Hart

Never have I read something that made my blood boil. The woman above who is standing for Hastings and Rye stated was asked about an article written in 2017 regarding disability and pay and I quote……

Speaking at the hustings Ms Hart, who has been a councillor for Rother District council for four years, said the article is ‘about people with learning difficulties being given the opportunity to work because it’s to do with the happiness they have about working’. Some people with learning difficulties, they don’t understand money.  It is about having a therapeutic exemption and the article is in support of people with learning disabilities.’ (Source Daily Mail).

She was referring to those people with Down Syndrome and Autism not being paid the minimum wage, but rather making do with less. I am the grandmother of two autistic grandchildren and never in my life have I heard anything so offensive.

They attend a special school where they are taught life skills and let me tell you my granddaughter who is almost 11 is no fool when it comes to money, and she knows exactly what money is and especially when she wants to pay for things as the school is teaching her and her brother who is 7 how to manage, and along with the work we as a family put in they are doing great and how dare this woman try to make out that when she enters the job market her worth, and that of her younger brother is not as good as anybody else and that should just be “happy” to be working.

Of course she now states that her comments were taken out of context…that old chestnut but regardless of an apology she did say it. I have come across places where disabled people work and they are honest, great time keepers, can be relied upon to complete all tasks and they very rarely miss a day works and they don’t moan….in other words they are great employees and an asset to any company, and how dare she state otherwise.

It is hard enough for a disabled person to find work at the best of times but thankfully the message is getting through slowly but surely and we don’t need the backward thinking of her to put it back years.

Where do they find these people from? I hope the good people of Hastings and Rye reject such ugliness and blatant disrespect to those who are disabled and I thank god that my granddaughter and grandson have such a beautiful outlook on life, because if this woman is what is taken as normal then I would sooner be in their rainbow world rather than hers.