The comments attributed to Corbyn regarding anti semetism or the fact that some of his supporters are trying to come up with excuses for his and their behaviour…

One shocked supporter replies: Well, what can I say? I don’t know much about it but the Jews have got a lot of power and a lot of money, haven’t they? They do manipulate things; power is money.’ 

Another supporter, after expressing shock at the revelation, asks: ‘Is that true? I mean, I still think vote Labour.’

The filmmaker then asks another supporter about a recent poll that found 50 per cent of British Jews would think about leaving the UK if Corbyn was elected. 

She says: ‘Where are they going to go, to Palestine? Why are they scared of him? Because they’ve got off-shore accounts and they don’t want to pay tax.’ 

Where do they find these offensive anti Semites from? Is it a pre-requisition to joining the Labour party under Corbyn?

Lawyers for the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) said 70 Labour staffers past and present have given sworn testimony into an official inquiry by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) into anti-Semitism in the party. According to a leaked copy of its submission to the inquiry, the JLM said Labour was ‘no longer a safe space’ for Jewish people or those who stood up against anti-Semitism. Since Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the Labour Party, he has made the party a welcoming refuge for anti-Semites,’ it said.’ He has done that in a number of ways including by publicly supporting anti-Semites and anti-Semitic tropes. The Labour Party is cast in his image.’

As a stated in a previous post judge the man by the company he keeps and Corbyn really is offensive in everything he says and does.