The Rail, Maritime and Transport Union (RMT) has now started 27 days of industrial action on South Western Trains.

How very kind of them.

It means 850 trains a day are cancelled. 850 trains a day out of service on a line that was already suffering from poor timekeeping, over crowding and ridiculously expensive trains and now this.

How much more can those poor people who have to use trains take? I know when I used to take one to get to work it would either make the start of a good day or it could put you in the foulest of moods when they are late, break down or don’t even bother turning up and that happened more often than not and home time was even worse.

To have suffered all that and then to have the strikers out really is a step too far. Corbyn is in full support with them but I wonder if that will reflect in him handing out his extravagant wages to help them cover bills? I should imagine it is no on that one…a shadow leader who wants to be PM telling strikers he is with them and stuff the passengers. Dear god can you imagine the state this country will be in if he gets in? The government will go on strike because someone somewhere is striking over something petty.

The RMT argue it is because of the guards situation (where SWT) plan to remove the guards on the train but talks were progressing so what went wrong? People have a right to know…. I suspect it is just the excuse the RMT needed as we are all aware of just how militant the train union is, as poor London has had it in droves with the constant shut down of the underground due to the militant unions, and it seems that a positive solution and way forward is never enough for these people and they are only happy when making millions miserable.

27 days…..some people will not be able to go to work, will lose their jobs and have a miserable Christmas thanks to the militants who would no doubt go out on strike if someone sneezed at them in the wrong place.

I did notice however that they are not on strike when they are on holidays set aside such as Christmas etc…. how very modern of them. We won’t go on strike when it is our time but we will on everyone else and how laughable is the fact they will want paying for those holidays.

Passengers have been warned only about half the trains are running, and this is going to be a nightmare for getting home, and has the Mayor put on extra buses? Has the train company put on extra buses? Again, I should imagine there will be the blame game whilst people who in some cases pay thousands for their ticket will be forgotten. After all, what does it matter that people suffer when militants want their own way!

The RMT Assistant General Secretary Steve Hedley stated that about 900 union workers were striking across the SWR network today. I wonder if Mr Hedley is picking up his full wages whilst his “Brothers” are on strike.

He states that his members don’t want to lose 27 days pays well tell them to go back to work and let the RMT continue the discussions without threatening the livelihoods of millions. That is akin to a gangsters demands and we are told continually by all those in politics that we must cut down our use of private cars and rely on public transport…they are kidding right….

All those involved in the RMT command structure have close links to Corbyn and even shadow labour transport spokesman Andy McDonald stated he would have no difficulty whatsoever joining the picket line. Guess when you are picking up your gold plated tax payer funded payment for doing nothing else but causing anarchy will keep McDonald warm, and he and his union buddies can carry on creating mayhem for the good working people of the South of England.

Remember folks all those who are doing this are best chums with Corbyn, who by the way will allow them to strike if anyone in the world is striking if he becomes PM…so my advice is get a car, work from home or get a job closer to home as if that clown and his mafia get in…this will be the norm.