War of the Worlds – A lesson in disappointment

I eagerly waiting for the 3rd instalment of H G Wells War of the Worlds on the BBC. I am a huge fan of the book, the play, the movie, the CD…you name, I have it and often just sit and listen to it again and again.

Up pops the BBC with a taster of their version and I said to Mr Points of Sue..oooo that looks good and I was desperate to find something to fill that gap left by the excellent World on Fire starring Sean Bean.

Well the 1st episode did not disappoint and I was on the edge of my seat for the whole hour, although that hour just sped past and I thought “wow this is the BBC?” and it was so enjoyable and I thought yippee another good programme to watch at the end of the week.

Week 2 approached and hmmm a little bit lame compared to the 1st week but there was the realisation that they needed to tell the story and that after the initial landing and death rays of the aliens from Mars, we would begin to find out more about the people themselves. I could feel me reaching for the game on my phone to take away the tedium but I thought well the 3rd week will be a corker, and finally got Mr Points of Sue to sit down and watch the final episode with me as it played and not the next day and…..

What an absolute disappointment. The stars characters were very lame and boring and the story had lost all of its initial bite. What we ended up with was the BBC being allowed to have yet another dig at the British Empire, which by the way is nothing to be ashamed off….although you would have thought otherwise with the BBC and its leftist agenda.

The leftie apologists compared the invaders to the British Empire and the death and destruction was their way of saying “look this is what was left in the wake of the British Empire”. I commented to Mr Points of Sue that it was the biggest load of codswallop I had seen in my life and I cannot get that hour back ever again, and that I was fed up of the bashing of my beloved country whether it is by Corbyn, the BBC or George the Poet.

It was dull, disappointing, too political and boring and for me a waste of what could of been a fantastic programme, but true to BBC form it was a waste of our money and lacking anything worth watching in the end.

2 thoughts on “War of the Worlds – A lesson in disappointment

  1. Steve Unwin says:

    It certainly was a total waste of time effort and license fee. The titles did it an injustice when it said ‘Based on the Story by HG Wells’ it should have said a BBC interpretation very loosely based on the original story by HG Wells.
    A great disappointment of epic proportions to say the least.


    • I know, it promised such a great start and went downhill rapidly. The BBC were at their best in the 70s and 80s…it’s left it too late now to produce any good programmes as it has been taken over by lefties.


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