Donald Trump – all talk and little else

Donald Trump and his “Powerful Sanctions”

I get the feeling that Donald Trump knows he has messed up and is trying to cover up the monumental cock up he has made by giving Turkey a free reign.   It is a very much a case of the horse bolted because the stable door was left open.

He states that he is in talks with “powerful” people in congress but why do I get the feeling like his ego it is an overinflated tweet.  He states that the USA is a far greater economic power and is using that power for World Peace yet forgive me if I am wrong but at what point is allowing a country like Turkey free reign to murder people advocating world peace.

The President has since sent £50 million to Syria to cope with the humanitarian issue but this is of his making and it is like a country asking for a hundred dollars and he sends 10 cents.  It is frightening that he really does not have a clue what he is doing, and innocent brave people will suffer from it.

I think the fact that so many ISIS have escaped has shocked him and he knows that this will result in mayhem, murder and an increase in terrorism and what could he say?  He certainly won’t say he is wrong as he never admits that he is wrong.

He states that other Presidents would not be spending such a small amount but that he is just protecting Christians and the persecution of Christians….what the hell is he doing?  Surely innocent people are worth saving from persecution regardless of their religion as isn’t that what being the President is….protecting the innocent regardless of race and religion?

Trump states that “it was very smart” not to get engaged, but what it has shown is that under this President his word and his bond are not to be trusted and is it really safe to trust such a sensitive military situation to a man who draft dodged during the Vietnam war…..and allowed others to go in his place  There is a pattern emerging here and not for the better.

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