Turkey’s attacks on US Troops

Turkey has now fired on US Troops by “mistake” they plead, yet officials are stating that the Turks had explicit grid coordinates detailing where the US Military were and knew they were there.  Now call me an old cynic, and indeed I have been called much worse but I get the feeling that Turkey is seeing how far to push the USA and seeing if they will retaliate…and if not ….hurrah says Erdogan as it gives him a free rein to push his forces deeper and deeper in Syria.

Anyway I digress by shelling the Americans despite being ORDERED not to by the American President it has shown that they are now not in control of the situation, and do you really think that taking the path he has that Donald Trump can be trusted to mediate the situation?  That would be like asking Genghis Khan to run a local creche and elderly day care centre.

I feel so sorry for those in the YPG who have been well and truly stitched up and it is something that Donald Trump must answer for in the Senate and a Court of Law.