The Tory Candidate for Warrington South – Foot in Mouth moment.

I read with some interest today an article in the Warrington Guardian regarding the tory candidate for Warrington South.    Now this is the gentleman whose interest I am still trying to catch into visiting the area I live in some 7 months after becoming the Tory Candidate, and who todate has failed to visit 13% of the voting public and by the looks of things it won’t be happening soon but I am getting informed of his visits to every other area but mine.

Anyhow he scored a massive own goal by stating that “County Lines” which we all know is a huge problem regarding drugs and the use of children is having an effect not only on the local Lymm School but also in many high schools throughout Warrington.  Well the headmaster is not impressed.

Where did he get this information from?  It seems he decided to state this without asking the Lymm Headteacher and who has come out quite rightly fighting for his school and those children categorised in it.  Infact the school has lower issues than many others, and it is not a nice thing to say or do especially as the candidate should be talking positively about Warrington South and not the opposite.   He has also not bothered to speak to the other schools as I am sure they would have had something to say too.

Now I don’t know about you, but I always thought the best way to win a parliamentary seat is not to talk down the town, its children or its education and all for a cheap scoring point of just making sure you are heard on a radio.