It seems that Tom Watson is doing the rounds of the television studios bleating that he is a victim of “Nick”.

He tells whoever listens that he was overwhelmed with the letters that had arrived addressed to him when he started on his crusade as the self-appointed nonce finder general, and that he didn’t know how to cope with it.  Well why did a mere MP have the letters and why were they not delivered to the Police and left for them to deal with it?

Why did he deliberately pick on those innocent men?  Well the answer is simple he did it so that he could make political mischief and maximum embarrassment?  What made one allegation different from another of all those he had received?  Why did he take it upon himself to dismiss the findings of an external police force, a barrister of the CPS?

He is not a judge, but he made himself the loud public voice, the judge, jury and hangman and he should not have had any dealings with this and the fact he was able to run rings round the police and order them to do what he wanted was really an insight into his self-inflated ego at the time.

He was creating nothing but mischief and he hoped to belittle the Conservatives by saying that they are a party run by deviants, using the horror stories to hide the issues with Labour and show him as a knight in shining armour garnishing the love of the people and taking the labour party by storm,  and it has backfired spectacularly.   

He is now crying that he was a victim of “Nick” and that he should be treated as only wanting to do the best in the interest of justice….what a load of baloney…..he did it for his own self gain and it was nothing to do with make believe victims…he wanted to create mayhem for the conservatives and he did it by destroying innocent lives and for that he needs firing.

How can we trust a man who resorts to such antics with running the country as Deputy PM as lets face it …if he can use such lies to try to and make political mischief,  what on earth is he capable of when really wanting to push a false agenda.