The Letting Down of NI Veterans

Letting Down of the NI Veterans

The promised end to the persecution of NI veterans has failed to materialise.  It has now been replaced by laws in the Queens speech on sustainable cat litter……now I have a cat and buying her litter depends on one thing and one thing only….the cost.  Is this really a good use of the Governments time and the Queens speech?

Those of us who have been in the Army often wonder what on earth happened to the pact made between the serviceman and the state.  That one where we promised with an open cheque payable up to and including our lives to defend the state, and the one where the state defends us?

It is a disgrace that a British Government is letting those down who fought bravely for and on behalf of the Queen and the United Kingdom and who are now being hung out to dry…and for what?  I cannot see that they will ever get a fair hearing after all how many innocent people have been jailed for a crime they did not do because it fits a political purpose.

If you want to start with what happened then let’s look at the person who wrote the rules of engagement, and the politicians who sent them there to fight a job that quite frankly the politicians failed to fix. 

It is too easy to lay the blame at the feet of a young man who was sent into an area that was stressful for them and not knowing who the enemy was.  The bad guys did not hold up neon signs  yet brave young men with no experience of dealing with such a situation were sent to sort out a political mess and not one of a soldier’s making.

I know people will say I am bias as I am a former soldier but surely this cluster is one of the reasons why the Armed Forces are struggling to fill the numbers.  My own sons who I always thought would join up, well at least the eldest….explained it in a nutshell to me “why should I give everything to this country when the country will turn on me”, and there it is and it saddens me, especially as my family and my husband’s family are very proud of the service we had given to this country but they are right, and I am not willing to have my son’s freedom, life and justice sacrificed for the bleeding hearts brigade.

We have too many human rights ambulance chasing lawyers who believe the terrorists, you know those people who have no compunction when it comes to blowing up men, women and children.    Have we really sunk so low that the rights of the terrorist outweighs that of someone who has protected our democracy?

The government is wrong to do this, and they are wrong to pander to those politicians who dislike the Army with a vengeance.  Don’t get me wrong if someone came with absolute proof that a former soldier has committed a crime then you will find people like me and my brothers in arms on the side of the victims,  but can you really state that it is the public interest and fair that a  terrorist has more rights?   You know that bad guy who has killed servicemen, the UDR, prison officers and the police in Northern Ireland and on the mainland…..yet they have a get out of jail card given to them by the discredited Tony Blair (yes he who wants to be seen as the saviour of the world…so long as there is President and lots of millions before his name)….and it begs the question…why can we not give this to former soldiers? As surely the the best way forward is to learn from the past….and make sure it is not repeated.

Guess my way of thinking is too simple and too much on the side of the veterans and does not suit a political agenda where let’s face it on Remembrance Sunday….the medals of service are missing on our political masters and shouts volumes at their lack of service to this country.   I am now waiting for the team to investigate those who took part in Agincourt and finding them historically guilty….after all it’s a new sport now…lets blame the squaddies for doing nothing more than what has been asked of them.

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