The continued invasion of Syria

The Continued invasion of Syria.

I will continue to voice my disgust regarding the abandonment of the Kurds and their being left to deal with an enemy who is determined to wipe them out, and the growing threat that Turkey poses to the middle east.

NATO should no longer accept Turkey as its member and throw them out as this is nothing but empire building, and they are doing it on the bodies of the Kurds and is that acceptable of a NATO member?

NATO will just probably send a really strongly worded letter followed by lots of tax payer funded officials who are frankly earning far more than they are worth wanting their 5 minutes of fame and spouting the usual political BS as they always do, and the translation of the political jargon is we are not going to do anything, and no doubt hoping it will be swept under the carpet and enabling the continued incursion of Erdogan.

Nobody in the West stated that the Kurds were a terrorist organisation when fighting ISIS and Assad, infact we were handing out weapons as though they were sweets and the more the merrier…yet now the deafening silence of nothing.

What it shows is that NATO, the EU and the USA amount to a whole lot of nothing when needed and sadly our allies will suffer.

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