The Bravery of James Middleton and his battle against depression.

James Middleton and depression

I have nothing but praise for the brother of the Duchess of Cambridge for being so open about his battle with depression and the help he has received.

He is very brave and you cannot even suggest walking a mile in his shoes as everyone who has ever had depression knows that no two people suffer from the same problems in life, and whilst it might not seem important to some it could cause such a devastating effect on a life that cannot cope.

To have suicidal thoughts must be the most frightening thing of all and one that I am grateful I don’t have.  I have had depression due to a road traffic accident and what was the lack of justice I felt.  The person had driven at speed past 3 cars stopped at a red light and in a rover slammed into my side of the car and I bore the all the major injuries.  I took a long time to just recover from that, and then to find out he got a mere 6 months ban for failing to comply with traffic regulations sent me into a downward spiral.

Thankfully I had a great Doctor who also became a family friend he helped me without the need for a mental health team and I will be grateful to him for the rest of my life, but how awful to think that there is no one to turn too as we know that the mental health services are so over worked that it must be hard for them, and I am in awe of those people who want to help others as lets face it….they don’t get paid much.

I am grateful that someone with such a high profile such as James has highlighted the effect that mental health can have on anyone, as lets face it he does have a privileged life but sadly he has highlight that regardless of how you live, you are not immune and maybe it is about time those with their fingers on the budget made more available for those angels who want to help, rather than giving the money overseas. 

Mental health is a problem that affects the many and not the few and we need to help more as it really is a ticking time bomb.

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