The Shame of Doing Nothing

Listening to Channel 4, Sky and the BBC I am struck by how many politicians are lining up to condemn Turkey and then nothing!!!

109 innocent Kurds have died as Turkey wants to push into a 20-mile-wide, 310-mile-long border between Syria and Turkey under the guise of a humanitarian push.  We all know that it will not stop there, and they will push further and further in to carry on killing Kurds.  We have seen for ourselves that they are fleeing, and this is women and children, men who have stayed to fight an enemy that really should have been kept at bay by the commitment that was given by the USA.

We here empty words from the EU who are asking for a commitment that there will be no reprisals and that the Kurds are not the intended targets and lets face it, this is not coming, but they will still hand Turkey 6 billion euros to help with the settlement of the said Syrians or as I call it….the bribe.

Surely this is up to Syria to make sure their own people are settled and not us as what do we give the Kurds for their help?

These are the same people who have kept the ISIS threat at bay and who have kept the terrorists under guard and thereby ensuring that we in Europe are a little bit safer, and then what do we do…nothing!

Is the EU going to send a strongly worded letter asking Turkey to play nice?  NATO won’t do anything as they will continue to arm Erdogan’s invasion and take over.   He has threatened to “let loose 3.6 million refugees”…can we not just send them back and keep a contingency of NATO soldiers on the Turkish border to make sure they do not come over?  As he has been paid handsomely to keep them in Turkey and like a spoilt child will spit his dummy out and make threats again and again.

It will be sadly the case of doing what is always done…NOTHING and innocent people will suffer.  These innocent people have spent years fighting our enemy and now those who were supposed to come to their aid are prepared to do nothing.   No wonder the world is becoming more unstable as surely with friends like the Kurds have, who needs enemies?