Hidden Disabilities

If you ever met me you would see nothing different, apart from the hands which are permanently covered by wraps that help the swelling, and reduces the pain yet if you saw me walk you would think why does she need to walk so slow and not for long periods, why take a lift….then the thought would automatically be….she is lazy…

My hidden disability is having my spine crumbling at the lower discs, and L5,4 and 3 they have bulges. My knee caps need replacing, my ankles are arthritic and so are my toes. My right hand is riddled with complex regional pain syndrome, and my left hand arthritic along with my elbows….and my fingers…well they are starting to look knarly but underneath my gloves you would not notice.

This is not the result of my not looking after my body but rather the sad result of accidents, an especially destructive RTA….but you wouldn’t know that nor see the pain of just getting out of my chair or the tears at 4am when my spine has locked and I need an ambulance nor the need for elephant sized painkillers taken daily..

So these are my hidden disabilities as my pride is always in the way and that is why I look for things to do and need to keep busy and feel useful…..but think back and wonder have you commented on someone using the lift? Parking too close to the supermarket or checking to see if they have a disabled badge??

Be kind and help as they could have that hidden disability that so many suffer from but don’t want to be a nuisance with and help……that little bit of kindness can go a long way.

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