I am currently studying for a BA (Hons) in Politics, Economics and Philosophy and was asked what could be the hardest question I have faced…..how can I look at a question and give an unbiased opinion?

Well that had me stumped as it is human nature to disagree with people who have opposing views, and it can in some cases result in people feeling as though they need to do something such as marching or sit ins.

My reply was that as an adult I hoped I could look at or listen to a point of view and think yes that is excellent and I can see your point, but hey being human I know that I will close off if someone even tries to convince me that someone like Jeremy Corbyn is fit to be in politics.

I have since my children have been old enough to talk sat around the dining room table of an evening and talked. First it was about school and then as they got older we discussed politics and it is not really a discussion as we all agree on the same thing as conservatives, although I must admit to having more right to the tory party views than they do but pretty much we think the same, and it is refreshing to comment on people whose views are totally different from mine.

So I have decided to enter the attending university lessons at campus instead of online as we are all political actors whether an MP or simply a voter, or like me running a blog and finally joining other students on the magical mystery political tour.

I will update on the process and also if somethings jump out at me…but whilst I have your time please look at the OU as it is a great way to improve your knowledge, give you confidence and boost just you.

The OU offer free courses if you feel the need for your staff or you to have a reminder of things but remember education is never wasted.