Guy Verholfstadt the endless mouthpiece of the EU

I have never hidden my dislike of Guy Verholfstadt as he really is the worst of the EU and one of the many reasons why people such as me do not like the EU.   I have left many a comment on his media account criticising him for his less than gentlemanly conduct against people he disagrees with.  

Now he states that it is the PM who is the traitor in the talks regarding the EU.  He really does not have a clue about the British and I find it infuriating that a man who spent a lifetime taking payments from the Belgium taxpayers, is still taking money from the taxpayers of Europe despite having been deselected by the people of Belgian as PM in effect being thrown out.    

He states “well my dear colleagues, the real traitor is he or she would risk bringing disaster upon his country, its economy, its citizens by pushing Britain out of the European Union.  This is, in my opinion a traitor”. 

What a backward thinker ……we are not the ones who have not had their accounts unsigned for 20 years, where the EU finances are being robbed, scammed and used as a personal piggy bank by those in the EU parliament,  and where the EU has already stated that without OUR money they will collapse.  Do we really want lessons on our finances from a parliament that has 9 countries pay for the other 18?  Doomed to failure from the beginning as they are paying out more than they have coming in.

Verholfstadt needs a lesson in democracy and that is when the people vote by the larger majority, that number wins and not the lessons dictated by the EU…one of ignore the will of the people until they come up with the answer that the EUSSR want.  He rambles on endlessly about democracy yet ignores the fundamental rights of a people who want out.

Can you imagine if remain had won and we were pulling these stunts…..dear god that man would never shut up.

Thanks to people like Martin Selymar, Barnier and Verholfstadt we are leaving as the more they have strutted about like demented peacocks the more we have dug our heels in and demand the vote be honoured.

Traitor is the wrong word in addressing a British PM when he is doing his job of giving us the result of a democratic legal vote and the likes of Verholfstadt will never understand democracy, honouring the voters and abiding by the magna carta, as he and his motley crooks are creating a monster that will walk over the rights of the people and it is a shame the people in EU don’t realise they are sleep walking into the surrender of their will.   

The laws will be written by the likes of Verholfstadt and from his ivory taxpayers’ money and making sure he benefits, but where he will demand you confirm to his rules, use your children to fight his wars and of which only the likes of him will prosper and where the citizen must be prepared to have no will of their own….only as those dictated to by Verholfstadt and his bunch of reprobates who sit in the dark hole that is called the EU Parliament.

The novel 1984 reflects what is coming for Europe.