Turkey attacking Syria

It seems the green light for the attack on Syria by Turkey has been given and accepted.  Turkey is already pounding the Kurdish areas along the border to “stop the terrorists” as they say.

Turkey knows they are bombing the areas where the Kurdish fighters are guarding ISIS and what better to enter into a full scale war but to cause total mayhem in Syria, let ISIS escape and then let the rest of the world gladly have you bomb again and again to stop ISIS and say thank you for it and no doubt in the sick world of politicians actively give our money to help Turkey to do it.

Can the United States really stand by and let the murder of so many innocent Kurdish men, women and children happen just because the President says so?  We find out that he did not even consult his defence team and just went rogue.   As stated yesterday I have my fingers crossed that the Senate will see sense and overrule him.

If we give an inch to Turkey in respect of the innocent then they will take a mile and it will result in the worst of all bloodsheds and one that we cannot stop.  The blustering words of President Trump who threatens here, there and everywhere will fall on deaf ears…after all would one NATO country attack another?  No…we all know that and all that will happen is that Assad will fall, another country will be a mess and only this time it will be a mess with a new danger and that will be disgruntled Kurds.

They will not join forces with ISIS as they spent too long fighting them and fighting them for our safety, but why keep Europe or the USA from safety anymore when all that has happened is they have been stepped on from a great height.

I am pleased that the PM Boris Johnson is trying to hold Erdogan to account but without the backing of others it is one lone voice, albeit the voice of reason shouting alone in a world that seems to have gone mad and is letting dictators and despots run wild and unaccountable.

After all people question what is one despot for another…replace Assad with Erdogan would it be such a bad thing?  What we are really getting would be the outrage of Russia, followed by Iran and then turning the sights on the Saudis and then boom…they would want Israel…all-out war in the middle east and the man that would have caused it by allowing the despot so much room will just tweet, tweet and tweet that it wasn’t his fault, and that it is nothing but fake news. 

President Trumps states now that he promised to bring home the troops and whilst I admire that need to keep your promise,  there are times when the greater good outweighs the promise made in an election year as all that will happen is more bombings, further terrorism and deaths and it will be on not only our soil but also the USA.

What is so wrong on giving the Kurds land and letting them live there without the need to fight for their everyday existence, as I know I for one am grateful to the Kurdish fighters for the sacrifice they have made and will continue to make.

Sadly, the need for diplomacy and decency are virtues that very rarely meet up with politicians and they will make the mess of it as usual and expect the sons and daughters of others to stop it.