Bercow – a man with an over inflated ego….

The Speaker of the Commons – A man with an over inflated ego.

Today we find out that the speaker of the house of commons has been having direct talks with the President of the EU….the new guy that nobody in the UK has heard of over a nice cup of tea and no doubt chocolate biscuits, as lets face it why have digestives when the taxpayer is paying….and discussing above all how to stop the referendum and have a second one.

Now there are two things that erk me about Bercow…one is that he has spent his entire time blowing up his own self importance and working against the will of the people, and secondly why are the EU even entertaining the man…after all he does not speak for the Country he is just the speaker of the house of commons and speaker is the right word as all you can hear is his endless voice again and again.

The EU should not have entertained the man and all they have managed to do is make an unimportant little man appear self-important, massaged his ego and riled up the Brexiters as we know it is nothing more than a ruse to stop the democratic decision of the people of the United Kingdom.

The problem with the EU is that they expect every country to do as they are ORDERED to and reverse the will of the people as we have seen in Ireland, and they cannot accept that this time it is Great Britain they are dealing with and not a country that is dependent on the EU but rather the other way around.

It has brought home yet again just how self-serving those in parliament are as the speaker cannot remain impartial as too much is riding on his betrayal of the British public, as in the late 90s he was advocating for leaving the EU…yet now such a turnaround.  I must ask and quite possibly a great number of people are asking too….just what has Bercow been offered in the way of a post within the EU?  What has he asked for to betray the people, betray parliament and above all betray the honourable position of speaker as thanks to Bercow it is now in the gutter.

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