It seems the IOPC has shown that it is not fit for purpose.  It has not called into question the behaviours and quite frankly illegal activities of the Met as stated by Judge Henriques. There are still questions that need answering…

Let’s face it, if you or I lied before a judge we would be thrown in jail for perjury so why should a policeman who knows better be allowed to “get away with it”?

The Met lost control of the operation as they were so desperate to believe the liar Carl Beech that they allowed themselves to be blindly dictated to by the Nonce Finder General that is Tom Watson.

Watching the broken shell that is all that is left of Harvey Proctor is a lesson to us all and that lesson is that our police must be held accountable.  They cannot be judge and jury when it suits them and decide that someone is credible and believable from the outset.  That is not their job…their job is to find out the crime, those involved and then leave it in the hands of the experts to complete the final part that is supposed to be British Justice.

To know that a man is innocent and let him die thinking the opposite such as they did with Lord Brittan is cruel beyond belief.  He died thinking the worst and no doubt wondering if people would believe he was the monster they accused him of being…when the Police themselves knew that he was innocent they should have told him as a matter of humanity, and that alone should have resulted in those officers being sacked.

To then add fuel to the fire the Nonce Finder General himself announcing in Parliament that Lord Brittan was as close to evil as a man can get…surely was the most disgusting thing a person could say, and if he believed it then why not say it out of parliament?  It is about time we stripped media hungry MPs from being allowed to say anything that is simply not true or not proven at the time.

Watson badgered the Met constantly and the result was that honourable men like Lord Bramhall who fought for this country at its darkest hour were treated with the lack of respect and what can only be described as more fitting a banana republic.

Where was the compassion for a dying man or the compassion for a man whose wife was dying of dementia?  Where was the right to be deemed innocent until proven guilty?  There was none of this as it did not match the Met’s nor Watson’s political agenda.

I am not knocking the police and infact the bobby on the beat does their best in the most horrendous of times and often at peril to themselves, especially as more and more violence is being seen in the UK and it saddens me when I read of the death of a young constable, and makes we the public appreciate them more and more, as they do it for our safety and not the money.

However, those who are chasing fame and promotion are doing it on the backs of innocent men.  Again, looking at the broken man that is Harvey Proctor I can only hope that he regains his reputation and receives a financial package that hits the met in the pocket.  The whole report was put together based on lies that they could have stopped at any minute but THEY (the Met) took the decision not to.

After all a Barrister had already told them that Carl Beech was a fantasist and the whole thing made up but they wanted to have these prize heads on a platter and for that the Met is not fit for purpose, nor the IOPC for drafting in such an inexperienced person to deal with such a complex task….. as for Tom Watson….. he really is as close to evil as a human being can get and if the world was the right way up, he would have been thrown out for his role in this affront to justice and decency.

Scrap the IOPC and replace it with an executive of retired judges, retired defence and prosecution barristers and human rights advocates.  That way we have the law and the humanity to ensure that they behave as sadly this is only a long line of behaviour that we have come to expect from the Met, and in truth are not surprised by it.