The Brexit Deal is Dead

Are we surprised that Germany has given the final say over the Brexit deal?  After all the final say was always with Germany and now the Chancellor has said no.

The EU was never interested in meeting us halfway and therefore due to their lack of respect and ability to work towards a beneficial arrangement the PM should walk. 

Instead of talking down Britain…here is an idea…lets talk up Britain and succeed.

I cannot get over that you cancel a membership, but they make the rules and demand the money….and it is after all just about money and trying to belittle the UK.  They were never serious, and I am grateful that the PM has not rolled over as Mrs May did and has stood up for the United Kingdom and I for one trust him to do what is best.

If I had my way, we would have left the day after the result and left Europe to deal with the problems of their own making.  We are not responsible for roads in Spain, dancers in Romania or pig farming in Poland but we are responsible for our people and our own needs here in the United Kingdom.

It is now time for Boris to inform the EU that we are finished and that we will no longer waste their time or ours as it really is an exercise in futility. The EU will then panic, and do you really think that German businesses are not lining up to work directly with us in spite of the EU?  Germany will do what it wants, and the rest of Europe will do as the EU tells it.

The EU is not democratic as if it was it would have done everything possible to show us why leaving would be terrible but in a way that would persuade us…threatening the British is not the cleverest thing to do as all it does is giving us “our blitz mode”, and one where we will not be dominated to.

Germany and France know they will end up with the bill and they are petrified of that especially as they know the other countries will not contribute to an increased bill, and when they see how we thrive outside of the EU…watch it implode.

The EU should have been grown up and courted us to stay instead of trying to threaten, bully and assault the UK as if they had known how we are…..really known what we were like…then they would have known we would have fought them every inch of the way and won.