Party hopping self serving MPs

Yet again we read of another MP, Heidi Allen for South Cambridgeshire joining the Lib Dems. 

The Lib Dems seem to be made up of the strangest people possible.  We have the leader whose husband through his company gets a payment of 3.6 million euros…so we know why she cannot have Brexit….and then the rest of them….

They are now made up of 36% of MPs who have walked from parties and a number them have walked into their 3rd or 4th party in a matter of months.  Take Heidi Allen for instance.  She was labour, then change, then independent and now Lib Dems.  The poor printers at the commons must be exhausted trying to keep up with her changes in stationery demands.

Can the electorate really trust an MP who changes their allegiance more often than they change their proverbial underwear?  I know I wouldn’t.

It is about time a law was brought in and that is if you walk from your party then a by-election is called as you stood on the mantel of that party policies, and to walk away means you have abandoned your electorate and they must have the chance to vote a new MP in.

Mind you …. We are relying on MPs to vote a code of conduct in and they cannot conduct themselves properly to begin with, after all how many lied to the electorate that they would respect the vote?  Maybe that is one leap too many….asking an MP to conduct themselves in a trustworthy manner…how silly of me.

2 thoughts on “Party hopping self serving MPs

  1. Steve Unwin says:

    One of the things I have done this year which has cheered me up no end is discovering your blog.

    You put into eloquent text my own thoughts precisely. Our politician’s appear to have an arrogant disregard of the electorate and an over inflated sense of their own self importance.

    I enjoy your observation based commentary as it is mirroring mine and many others who have no democratic voice anymore.

    Liked by 1 person

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