Donald Trump and the abandonment of the Kurdish people.

I don’t proclaim to know all the ins and outs of what is going on in Syria and largely suspect the bigger picture is the flexing of muscles by larger countries such as Russia and America, but what I am very disappointed in is the attitude of the President of the United States.

I am a keen supporter of Trump…not for his policies but by the fact he uses pretty much the same language as most of use at one time or another and lets fact it we are sick to death of lying politicians…so it was a breath of fresh air to have a man such as The Donald enter the White House.

Pretty much he has done what he said he will and kept his promises to the people of the USA but in this decision he is wrong.

The planned withdrawal of the US military and leaving a free hand for Turkey is madness.

We all know what President Erdogan is like…he is a despot of Turkey’s own making and he does not want to create a safe heaven for those Syrians who are refugees in his country, but he is expanding his empire and did we not appease another despot such as this in 1939 and look what happened there.

Erdogan has made no secret of the fact he considers the Kurdish people as terrorists and he has always threatened their wellbeing, and now the President of the United States has handed them and their valiant fighters over to a man who will under no illusion order their wholesale massacre.

It is of no use that the President writes that if Turkey attempt to go after the Kurds he will “destroy them economically”…the despotic dictator is out of the bag and who will stop them?  Russia?  I doubt it very much that they would or even could.

No-one will have the courage to take on Turkey to protect those people who fought with such honour against the darkest cloud that came from the Middle East…and it is outrageous.

The Kurds saved humanity from what could have been a disaster and they have paid the price for it and yet they still fought because they thought their allies would back them up every inch of the way.  Imagine the disappointment they must feel to know that they have been dropped quicker than a hot stone.

I don’t know what the solution is but I am hoping for the first time that the US congress manage to overrule this sitting President and show those brave fellows that they are worth saving, and that they were not wrong to put their trust in the giant that is America.

After all if you cannot rely on your friends then who can your rely on…and it is no good the President saying well gosh they had billions…the USA had billions from us during WW2 and infact we were still paying for it in the 90s…if you make a pact to help a people who are helping you then that pact should not diminish just because a President has a chat with a despot.

One must ask oneself what is Mr Trump getting from this as he is a businessman first and has a business deal been struck?  After all what is the life of a Kurd when it stands in the way of business between Trump and Erdogan.

The American people must not stand for this and they must show that they are honouring an agreement that has been paid for in blood…the blood of the Kurds as surely their word will mean nothing otherwise and who would want to fight with a country that can become your enemy so quickly.