Not living in London, I can only sympathise with those who are trying to earn a living or get around London whilst it is in the grip of the great unwashed.   Everyone should do their bit to help the environment, but do they honestly believe that clogging the streets of London will help?

For instance, how did they get there?  The movement themselves said that there are over 30,000 expected to take part in it….how did they get there??? Walk?  Could it be they have cars or in the case of fame hungry z listers…flown in on those pesky planes that dump so much CO2 in the air?

Did they contact them through the internet via a laptop?  That laptop that takes bits from all over the world to put together.  Do they live in houses?  How are they heated?  Central heating…oh my… using all those power stations to heat their homes.  Don’t even mention the phones they use!!

Do they recycle their clothes, or have they bought them from the likes of Asda?  Cheap clothing done at the expense of the poorer.  Are they wearing shoes?  Again, how were these made?

Do they feed their families?  I will admit that some albeit a small few would grow their own but where do they shop?  Again, are these local sourced goods or flown in?

Do they buy their children Christmas presents…those pesky throw away items that kids break?  Holidays abroad???   Do they own fridges?  Freezers? Washing machines…as I cannot imagine them going down to the river and handwashing their clothes and my favourite…do they own a TV?

I should imagine these Eco lunatics are warriors in their own heads without looking around and thinking hmmm I need to get rid of all the material things as after all wouldn’t people thinking I am a hypocrite….

If I was PM…I would send out the military, get those water armoured vehicles back and make sure that everyone of them is billed for the costs of their tantrum and failure to pay would result in a jail sentence.   Stop their benefits and that will stop them.

It is not fair to hold people to ransom…especially people who could be on a daily rate and no money, no food for their children and the eco lunatics do not know whether the person they are preventing from working is more eco friendly from them…but guess those spending too much time in the hemp filled tents do not take into account anybody else.