Seems Mr Macron is making demands that our PM come up with a new solution within the next 7 days for Brexit. When is he going to realise that we in the United Kingdom will not be bullied, pushed or ordered around by the French or anyone else in Europe.

Let me put things straight… I do not hate Europe…I love it…especially areas such as La Rochelle, Saint Malo and Biarritz (went to two places looking for U Boat stations as I love military history) and fell in love with them….but loving them and wanting them to decide how I should live are two different things.

Mr Macron is not making us friendly towards him especially as we can see the yellow vests have continually battled against him since his presidency and he really needs to sort out his own mess, before even thinking of interfering in this wonderful, great country. I am all for suggestions and helpful hints but do they really think that we will just roll over and surrender?

I am getting so tired of every suggestion and solution put forward by a PM being totally rejected by the EU before they have read it, as it shows they don’t want to read it and in reality all they want is an extension after extension and that just means we hand over more money, and quite frankly I don’t want another penny going to the parliament or they think we will change our minds and just go OK ignore the 17.4 million and lets stay in…..

If they need the money…ask us for a loan as I am sure we will be accommodating and make sure it is something with a reasonable interest added, but we cannot and must not hand money over to Europe just because they are being unreasonable.

It will only end poorly for France as we are not a forgiving bunch and the people will suffer from their president being obstinate and trying to look the hard man of Europe when in reality we know he will be out at the next election, and just another has been politician jumping on the EU gravy train….after all look at Guy Verhofstadt…..