I cannot hide my disappointment that the prospective conservative candidate for Warrington South did not venture into the areas that were discussed he would, despite the months of emails with his office and my somewhat excitement that maybe, just maybe he would buck the trend and be a politician who cared about the area. 

Let me explain a little further.  I live in a place called Dallam, and the area further up is called Bewsey and at one point it had a somewhat poor reputation and is mainly built up of council house areas and it was a favourite dumping point for the local council.  Fast forward 30 years and it has changed…the avenue I live in are home owners that includes 2 police officers, 2 prison officers, a chap who is an environmental manager, a nurse, couple of bus drivers, couple of mental health workers, 2 secretaries and my other half who is a retired engineering surveyor and me….we have young families and everyone in the avenue is either retired or working….either way it is an avenue you can see across any walk of life these days.  What I am basically getting at is that over the last 30 years the bad ones have moved out and good, hard working homeowners have moved in….

Soooo imagine my disappointment to be proved right and knowing the tory candidate would not venture down here…after all we are not the more up market areas he is used too….he turned up in the furthest reaches of Bewsey and met in the only area in Bewsey that does not have council housing and is a away from the areas he should have been visiting, and he never bothered to come to Dallam at all.  

How do I know that he did not bother…well no leaflets arrived at my home and certainly not in the area I live in, nor my friends houses and the whole exercise was to just tick box that he had been here as I visited Bewsey has been added to his Facebook page and I doubt we will see him here again.

I was given less than 24 hours’ notice and had arranged for the grandchildren to stay due to having no information of a meeting place, as dates and times had been changed before and then the name of the avenue arrived and I had to look up as I knew it was not a familiar name, and one that did not include the areas I was desperate for him to be seen in which is Bewsey.  It is an area full of young families and most houses there are council provided and they are the ones who need to be able to speak to someone who might help, and he let them down.   I guess the bringing of the Crime Commissioner went out of the window for the residents to speak too as it was literally a dash and go….and I informed the residents that he would be bringing the crime commissioner again and again.

I am not surprised by the lack of effort as it seems to be a trait to run for parliament…smoke and mirrors, do as little as possible but make it look as though you have…is it so that people will think he cared and actually visited when in reality he didn’t.   I had pinned my hopes on him showing the people of this area that he cared as the Labour MP is next to useless and his only visit was fleeting too and only at the primary school.  I can’t imagine the junior age children going home and asking mummy over the dinner table what the plans for Brexit were…so it was a tick box exercise too.

When are those who pick these candidates actually going to make them knock on doors and speak to people, and make them come to the areas that don’t want to be in as after all they expect us to go out and vote for them…so if they want our vote…earn it.

I have no faith that he will represent this area when he gets into parliament as there is considerable more time spent in the areas he is most comfortable with, but I am under no illusion he has their vote…it is ours he needs to earn and I for one will not be endorsing him through the Facebook I run for the area. 

Saddened by it but if the smoke and mirrors trick can be done now at this crucial time how can we even have faith any issues will be of concern, as that seems to be a trait for MPs…get into parliament and then forget the electorate and we in this area have been forgotten again and again…the last tory MP did for 8 years…he never visited once and whilst once is all we have…it seems we will be forgotten again.