When did Britain stop believing she was Great?

I love this country, I love everything about this country from my hometown, to the cathedrals, the towns and cities and for me….the cows and sheep in the field as I love watching them and feel that is who we are….

I am studying for a degree in politics and because of this I read and watch the news so much that it becomes depressing and all I read is how the mother of all parliaments has gone against the will of the people, MPs who do not respect us the voters, cities where people are dying from lawlessness and  how the NHS, housing and schools cannot cope with the influx of people and the ever increasing numbers of the elderly.

There is also the ever-increasing costs of living, the state of our roads, the threat of terrorism and the mass protests of people who are protesting over nothing.  At what point do you ask yourself are people going to look at this country and say…”what a beautiful country we live in”.

When are the politicians going to stand in that hallowed ground that has been the holy grail of democracy for centuries….to the world it is Camelot…with Arthur always read to fight for Britain….and now we have a lib dem leader who even if the 2nd referendum is given (the one she cried out for) and it comes again that we voted OUT…she would ignore.

A labour leader who has spent the past 40 years colluding with the enemy and actively congratulating the enemies of this country for killing our soldiers, our prison offers, our police and he now sits on the opposite benches.  Along with a man who is determined to ruin this country financially and drag us back to the 70s, which as a child growing up was horrid.

The conservative party are allowing a tiny minority to tear its heart out and through them and the opposition they are actively encouraging a speaker to break every rule known to parliament, and to top it all off we have an unelected rabble in the house of lords who should never have been there and who should have to stand for an election to the lords and show us if they are worth their £300 a day taxpayers money.

The problem is not the EU but the capitulation of our MPs who seem to think it is ok to allow a foreign parliament to dictate to us, and on what planet did a PM think that allowing a European Court to gazump ours was acceptable…..

Most politicians have no faith in Britain, they have no faith that we as a people can ride this storm and come out of it looking better than before and who seem to think that their security matters over that of the people.  Since when is it acceptable to have MPs guarded on the public purse whilst letting the public who pay that purse run the gauntlet of fear and death. 

The politicians need to get back to their day job.  They need to back the Prime Minister and his deal and show the country unity for the first time in years as no doubt like me the rest of the country are sick to death of their political grandstanding whilst nothing is getting done.

It is not about them and their thoughts and decisions, but it is about the decisions we made for them and if they cannot follow the instructions we gave them then how can we trust them to make the decisions about what is best for the country.

The country needs to invest in the farmers, in the NHS, in schools, the police, the military and housing and to make a stand against the thugs currently running amok in the major cities, and to help those who need our help…the disabled, the sick and the young.  This can only be achieved by not giving away £13 billion and cutting down the overseas funding to a minimum.

Then and only then can we look our children in the eyes and know that we have done something good for them and that we can leave the place better for them….

As I stated I love this country….. I joined the army because I love this country and I will always love it and yes I want to see more sheep in the fields, more cows in the field, more home grown food….fish caught in our waters and more children getting the first places in schools of their choice.  

Care for our elderly free of charge and when you are sick you know that the best care is available without the costs that I had to encounter just to get my mum help…….

If we can get our MPs to start behaving and doing as they should…then maybe this country will pick itself up, dust itself down and say, “see us we are Great Britain and that is a capital GREAT”.