Having read the plan put forward by the PM and finding myself in agreement as a Brexiteer, I realise that whatever is put forward by Great Britain it will be rejected by the EU and why??

Well there are a number of reasons…mainly they want our money which is one of the biggest irks especially as we find out roads to nowhere are built in Spain, and a form of Morris dancing in Romania is only made possible by our contribution, and the ridiculous riches they pay themselves.. is insulting.

I don’t want to pay for Spaniards, Romanians or anyone in particular as all I want is to pay for Great Britain and the needs of her subjects. It doesn’t matter if fat, thin, tall, short nor does it matter for the colour of your skin…if you live here then it is upto our state to make sure it continues to function for the needs of us, and not another country. Let them sort themselves out.

2ndly…they want to make it that difficult that other countries will not leave. This shows no understanding of a person’s desire for freedom.

3rdly our seas, our fish and Europe can go to blazes with regards to invading our fishing grounds and they are ours.

4thly..they don’t want us to be successful as it will result in mass leavings and then what will happen to the political eutopia for has been politicians like Verhofstadt.

The EU is just an expensive con to keep politicians who have been rejected by the electorate on the gravy train. After all look at Mandelson and Kinnock.

Kinnock was rejected twice but off he goes to the la la land that is the EU.

Ireland has stated that the PM is ignoring the will of the remainers, yet their growth has been cut from 5.5% to 0.7% and seeing as that’s the less number the Irish PM should be delighted as he is only concerned with smaller numbers.

I have come to the conclusion that none of them have any idea how disliked the EU is. It is an undemocratic, expensive, dictatorial monster that should be shut

I for one will be delighted when we leave. I don’t hate Europe infact I had many a happy holidays in France, Belgium, Luxembourg etc but that is not Europe now.

Now it is just a dream of Germany and France that will fail.